Sustainability Statement

Jim BarberFor more than three decades, Ashley Lighting has maintained a commitment to improving brand standards and best practices in the hospitality lighting industry. In recent years, that has included developing policies that minimize our environmental footprint. By reducing waste, water, energy use and CO2 emissions, we strive to do our part to protect the health, safety and habitat of our employees and the communities in which we live.


Bettering the environment starts at home, so we began by monitoring our energy use (electricity, gas and water) to evaluate the best ways to reduce energy demands in production as well as minimize shipping waste. To conserve electricity, we installed overhead LED, motion sensor lighting throughout our facility, and we implemented recycling policies to reduce waste. Many of our products are now shipped in recyclable packaging—plus, we recycle all Styrofoam, cardboard and metal waste products.


Through thoughtful design, our sustainability efforts are extended to our clients, who we wholeheartedly support in their pursuits to create “greener” spaces. Thus, we offer energy-efficient options on all products and encourage the use of ENERGY STAR certified light bulbs. Ashley Lighting is also proud to be a participating supplier for the Marriott Supplier Sustainability Assessment Program, which, in partnership with MindClick, assesses all design products and ensures they support healthy environments in Marriott properties and beyond.


While much has changed over thirty years, quality and customer satisfaction have remained cornerstones of our business model; therefore, to better the health and prosperity of our clients and our company in the future, we are committed to an environmentally sensitive code of conduct. By monitoring social, economic and environmental concerns, including regular assessment of our global activities and suppliers, we are continually working to improve our framework for being responsible stewards of the land.


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